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James Hill | Owner & Lead Photographer

My photography journey started in college studying Digital Multimedia, taking a few photography courses. While gaining a massive appreciation for dark rooms, I discovered how fun & rewarding it can be to capture a moment in time.

From there I bought my first Nikon camera and just started wandering. Over the years I gathered a few jobs, both paid and for friends or family. As my passion grew, my desire to make this a full time profession started to become a reality. Wedding photography is more than just a job, it's capturing the once in a lifetime moments of this momentous occasion. I love seeing those emotions & being able to capture them for people.


Besides Weddings, my other more recent passion is working with other creative individuals in WNY. Buffalo has a huge & growing creative scene, I want to do my part to help develop that & show what beauty Buffalo has to offer.


Emily Bragg | Blog Editor & Story Teller

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