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Model Shoot - Bri

Bri Olokowicz (Instagram: Briyo22) Made a drive from Rochester to meet with me at Akron Falls NY. She told me she was going to be in the area anyway, but I am still very grateful she made the trip for our shoot. She does modeling on the side, but would love the opportunity to become something more. She was a blast to work with, very easy going and care free, not taking it too seriously while nailing the poses when the time came, as you will see below.

Neither of us had been to Akron Falls as far as we could remember, so we didn't know what to expect, or where exactly the Falls were for that matter! Once we met up, we found a great spot in one of the main park areas, where a bridge cut over the river that made for a wonderful shooting point.

After spending some time there, we had asked someone where the falls where, and then continued on. Once we found the Falls, we both joked that it wasn't exactly as we imagined, as the Falls were lower this time of year. It still made for a beautiful backdrop as we navigated a few rocks to find the perfect spots to set up.

After finishing up there, we wandered a bit longer around the park, then decided to call it a day. As we were chatting by the cars, she came across a wolly bear caterpillar making its way through the leaves and grass. She mulled over taking it home with her, but after a difficult decision decided it probably would not enjoy the hour long car ride home.

Our little guy making his way through life

It was great meeting a new face, especially out of Buffalo, and I hope to work together with her again sometime!

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